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New LawyersThere are many different types of litigators out there in the law world. Some are defendants are others are prosecutors. Going to trial is not like the movies. It is a very long and drawn out process when it comes to either defending or prosecuting a criminal. You can go to court for just about anything these days. A good lawyer will sometimes be able to get you out of a situation that you otherwise wouldn’t have been able to get out of. That’s what you pay good lawyers to do. Help you figure out a way to beat the system. The really expensive lawyers out there are the ones dealing with the big cases. They are fighting to protect people because that is their job and what they are paid to do. Trial lawyers are very valuable to law firms in the LA area. The good ones are hard to come by and get picked up quick by different firms. Every field is different although they all end up in the same place. The court system can be crazy at times by lawyers are there to help mediate and take care of the problem no matter how big or small.

If a person gets arrested for driving under the influence it is a very serious charge. It can potentially affect a person’s driving status, they could possibly get jail time and they most certainly will get high fines. If a person does get charged with this offense, they may want to think about fighting it in court. If a person does elect to fight this case in court there is some tips the person may want to know.

First and foremost you always want to have an attorney represent you in court. DUI cases are not simply open and shut cases. Depending on why the officer stopped the person, what type of field tests the person may have failed, and whether or not the accused blew into a breathalyzer machine can help the attorney craft their defense to help the accused.

For example a good seasoned attorney may try to find holes in the probable cause of the traffic stop to start with. In most cases police officers usually stop the person for another traffic offense or an equipment violation. If the stop itself is good then the attorney may look at the field test the accused may have failed. Some field tests are hard to perform even for a sober person.

If both of those defenses do not work then the attorney may turn to the machine. The Breathalyzer, is a machine that tests your blood alcohol level based on you blowing into the machine. As with all machines, it does have to be maintained. A good attorney may ask for a discovery of the calibration logs of the machine, and the test that they run every day on the machine. There are a lot of keys to a defense of a DUI case and that is why it is so important to make sure you have an attorney represent you.

Another key thing that a person wants to do in fighting a DUI case is to request a jury trial if possible. A lot of states will offer the accused the option to have your trial heard by a judge or jury. The reason you want a jury is because they will have to vote guilty or not guilty and you have a better chance to win if you can get one person out of twelve to have reasonable doubt. If you do get charged with a DUI you need to have the best attorney represent you that you can get. It can affect your life more then you know or can imagine.

Divorce and legal separation can be very stressful and emotional experiences. When there are children involved, the dissolution of marriage is even more emotionally devastating and legally complicated. Having the right attorney can help make this difficult time a little easier. The first step in choosing the right lawyer to represent you in a divorce or separation is to select a law firm that specializes in Family Law. A family law attorney los angeles is a type of attorney who is specially trained to deal with all sorts of legal issues that can arise in a family. Since Family Lawyers often work with emotionally charged issues it is important to retain a qualified family law attorney. There is a good family divorce lawyer practicing in L.A. (Los Angeles) city and county, in fact, the L.A. basin has some of the best family law a.k.a. divorce attorneys or lawyers in the world. Don’t get taken to the cleaners, find a good child custody lawyer los angeles to protect your assets and your family and try to make sure that you get custody of your children if you want it. Nasty divorces are horrible; hire a legal eagle to make your spouse pay, whether it be alimony, child support, or just peace of mind.

Were you recently caught and arrested for drunk-driving? Are you dreading your court date because you are afraid you will face expensive fines, the loss or suspension of your driver’s license and possible jail time? If you are looking for a los angeles dui lawyer then check Hart Levin out. If you were arrested for your first, second, third, fourth, or greater DUI (Driving Under the Influence) or DWI (Driving While Intoxicated), finding a qualified d.u.i. lawyer in the Los Angeles area is essential to avoiding costly penalties, lengthy community service sentences, and unnecessary vehicle impoundment–not to mention the embarrassment of losing your license or having it suspended due to driving while drinking alcohol. Drunk-driving convictions in L.A. County can also result in jail time, resulting in possible job loss, relationship or family issues, and difficulty finding a job in the future. You may also find yourself in trouble with the law in regards to a criminal activity. If you want a los angeles criminal defense attorney then this post is for you. Additionally, a DUI or DWI conviction can cause you to get points on your driver’s license, which often leads to increased car-insurance costs and may result in having to purchase an expensive SR-22 certificate in order to legally drive again. Many people who have been convicted of d.u.i. infractions have even had their cars towed and impounded.

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